Thursday, September 24, 2015

Danielle Panabaker has a Buffy-esque hint for when 'Flash' may be ready for Killer Frost

Dr. Caitlin Snow has had a roller-coaster year on The CW's "The Flash."
She began the season mourning for beau Ronnie Raymond, but just when she seemed past her grief, Ronnie returned with new powers and a strange partnership with Victor Garber. 
Ooops. Wounds reopened. So what's in store for the last third of the season?
"Caitlin, quite frankly, is less focused on love and more focused on making sure she stays safe," Panabaker told me (video above) on the recent PaleyFest 2015 purple carpet for "The Flash" and "Arrow," hinting at discoveries involving Harrison Wells and his true motivations.
I asked Panabaker about the Flash and Reverse-Flash costumes and whether she gets a little jealous and she ended with a note of surprising candor.
"I'm excited to hopefully one day become Killer Frost and get one of my own," she said.
Maybe it's not hugely candid, but just a few months ago on the "Flash" set, Panabaker was hesitant to say anything at all about the potential of Caitlin's DC Comics alter-ego.
"In the beginning, I wasn't sure when Killer Frost would happen. Now I hope it happens soon," she admits.
But what does "soon" actually mean? Well, Panabaker shares EP Andrew Kreisberg's theory comparing Caitlin to Buffy and when the show might be ready for Killer Frost.
Check out the tease above.


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