Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Flash Season 2 – Like It Or Not, Patty Was Important

The season 2 premier of the Flash seems ages ago. I remember the season starting off with an angsty and angry Barry (Grant Gustin), who quickly regained the companionship of his friends. From there it took off to introduce you to Jay (Teddy Sears) and Patty (Shantel VanSanten). After that, I don’t remember much.

All I know is that the Flash is headed down a path of failure and a loss of viewers. Raise your hands if you are completely frazzled by the constant hiatuses the show is taking xbox one amazon. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that constant three week breaks between episodes does not help anyone to understand their intricate plot this season.

The concepts and characters that are introduced are extremely interesting, and I won’t lie and say that the subplots aren’t well crafted titanfall 2 multiplayer. However, the fact that they aren’t crafted together all that well, really bothers me. Another thing is that I can’t get over the ambiguous disappearance of Patty, and how every time something weird or crazy happens, I feel like Patty will reappear (I think it’s common for love interests to suddenly reappear when the protagonist needs re-inspiration, or in this case, when the timeline is reset), but she never shows up and I’m so damn disappointed. I don’t understand why writers throw in a character like Patty, who is obviously so critical, and then she just disappears off the face of the Earth.

Patty’s disappearance makes me feel like the writers are trying to go for some ‘out-of-the-box’ writing style. Like instead of being so in love with Barry and choosing to stay, she thinks for herself and goes out to study what she’s passionate about. But then again, I feel like the love story thing should be reset soon after for it to feel continuous and sensible, rather than in season 4 or something arbitrary like that (I have a horrible gut feeling that this is where the writing is going).

Also, now that the time line got reset in Episode 17 – “Flash Back” where Barry goes back in time to seek advice from his past mentor, Dr. Wells/Eobard Thawne, I feel like Patty will reappear. This is on of my main hopes for the upcoming unblock sites in pakistan Episode 18 – “Versus Zoom”, airing on April 19th. It’s the perfect opportunity for her to have ended up staying because of some event in the new timeline.

The one thing that bothers me the most about Patty and the writing in this season is that while there is a frequent change in subplot as each episode airs, the one thing that was consistent was Patty. She served as an inspiration, and an additional plot that viewers could follow in contrast to the ever changing course of villains. With the constant intense plots that are introduced with each episode, it’s hard to get a grasp on Barry and his emotions. You feel that he’s repeatedly throwing on his Flash suit and running into danger without a reality check.

For any character, it’s important that while they are constantly presented with new conflicts, they have a long-term personal goal that they have to keep working at. Defeating Zoom is Barry’s long-term goal for the season, but that’s not an entirely personal endeavor unblocked games at school. In order to fully witness and experience Barry Allen, it’s essential that you see a side of him that’s working towards achieving something that he is personally passionate about. Bringing Patty back into the show as a captive of Zoom or seasons later will not help the lack of flow in Barry’s personal inspiration plot.

Hopefully, the writers will bring Patty back in time for Barry to become reinvested with something other than Team Flash shenanigans. Last season, we got to see Barry overcome his long-time questions regarding his mom and dad, now it’s time that Barry is given something else to pursue alongside his vigilante-given duties. Tune into the CW this Tuesday 8/7c to find out what direction the Scarlett Speedster is headed in this week.
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