Thursday, September 24, 2015

Danielle Panabaker Talks THE FLASH's Six Month Time Jump & Teases 'Killer Frost'

The much-anticipated return of The Flash is right around the corner, and a few of the cast attended a DragonCon panel this weekend. While there, star Danielle Panabaker discussed Season 2's time-jump, and when Caitlin could become the villainous 'Killer Frost'...

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By Minty - 9/7/2015

Danielle Panabaker had plenty of things to tease about Season 2 of The Flash while attending a panel at DragonCon this weekend (via Collider). Naturally, first on the agenda was the six month time-jump following last season's dramatic cliffhanger ending. "The season premiere will address some stuff from the finale; it’s not like there’s some title card that just says, ‘Six months later,’"she promised. "We will deal with the singularity and everything that’s going on."

Fans were also keen on discussing when Panabaker's Caitlin Snow would make her long-awaited transformation into the villainous Killer Frost"
No one is more excited for Caitlin to become Killer Frost than I am. Unfortunately I don’t know when that will happen on the show!" the actress claimed, "Long story short, I’m useless in terms of Killer Frost. I want it to happen very, very badly. Unfortunately I don’t know that it’s happening yet."

Though she wasn't privy to any story details after episode 6, Panabaker did manage to reveal a few interesting additional tid-bits. "I know you will see some familiar faces in Season 2," she teased, when asked about any returning villains. "We will see more of Professor Stein," she added, "In episode four, I get to work a lot with Victor... He’s just the best. He’ll be around for a little while. Obviously Legends is starting their production next week, but he’ll be around for a little bit."

Panabaker also expressed an interest in joining Victor Garber on Legends Of Tomorrow, but admitted scheduling issues may be hard to get around. Are you excited for The Flash's return? When do you think Killer Frost will make her villainous debut? Sound off in the comments below! 


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